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Government / Military/Medical Facilies/Compounds/Prisons

GDS / Ouyon About Us
GDS / Ouyon Security
GDS / Ouyon Security Group
Digital ID/Electronic Security/Perimeter Solutions/Asset Tracking
RISK and Sight Evaluation
Refineries/Nuclear Facilities / Airports
Wireless Mesh Network Solutions
Ouyon Consultant Services
International Clients
Residential Security Solutions


We have extensive experience  working with the U.S. Government, and have clients such as the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Treasury, and its fourteen Bureaus including the IRS, Department of Justice, and others.

We have extensive experience in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and others which are confidential. 

We also work with Government agencies, Police and Military agencies allowing us to design frameworks and other operational measures which maintain and upgrade existing Global Security plans.


Our extensive experience with Military and Intelligence Operations, have given us opportunities of using proven ways to support the war on terrorism within the United States, Europe and the Middle East.
Our Consultants and Teaming Partners are of the highest standards and certifications.

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