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RISK and Sight Evaluation

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Vulnerability, Risk Assessment, and Site Security Planning

Site Secirity
A facility's vulnerability to attack is a function of various factors that include adjacent street configuration, site design, vehicular & personnel access, structural design, functional layout, and construction materials. By identifying assets, threats and protective measures a matrix can be compiled that allows the assessment of vulnerabilities and risks along with prioritization. After determining the cost of various mitigation steps, a plan can be created that is tailored to your specific needs.

Keeping vehicles as far as possible from a structure is a highly effective way to protect a building from weapon attack. Specialized features that are attractive and non-obtrusive can be incorporated into landscaping and site design. We custom design barriers that will stop a car or truck while meeting challenging site constraints.

Defensive Architecture is another solution that optimizes protection without creating a building that looks like a fortress.


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