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Ouyon Consultant Services

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Digital ID/Electronic Security/Perimeter Solutions/Asset Tracking
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Ouyon Industrial Security & Safety Division provides a number of security and safety solutions for the industrial, commercial and government sectors throughout the Kingdom and Gulf Area.
We provide a wide range of system design, integration and implementation for all industrial projects to suite customer requirements in accordance with our activities are, but not limited to, the following:

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems
*Fiber Optic for Fences, walls, underground, Buildings
*Microwave Barriers *Pulsed Infra Red Beams
*Pre-Emptive Alarm Systems *Volumetric Detection
Access Control Systems:
*Readers (Magnetic Wiegand, Proximity, Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, DNA)
*Controllers (stand alone, Lan)
*Electronic Locks, Electric strikes & Bolts, Magnetic Locks, Panic Bars
*Vehicle Rising Arms, Sliding Gates
*Traffic Barricades, Remote Controlled Speed Bumps
*Access Management & Time Attendance
CCTV Systems:
*Cameras (B/W, Color, Low Light, Day & Night, Thermal Specialized Cameras)
*Monitors, multiplexers, Matrix Switched, etc.)
*Digital Video Recorders, VCR’s
*Advanced Image Technology
Monitoring & Control Centers:
*Management Command & Control
*Operator Consoles
*Integrated Platforms
*Uninterrupted Power Supply
IT Services:
*Network Design
*Network Encryption
*Wireless Network Solutions
Asset & Personnel Tracking:
*Asset Radio-Tag Tracking within Premise
*Vehicle & Goods Tracking via Satellite (GPS) or VHF
Fire Protection:
*Fire Alarm Systems
*Automatic Fire Fighting, Robotics, foam, FE13, CO2 and ec.
*Extreme temperature Plastics
*Voice Evacuation Systems/ Public Address
Special Products:
*Anti-Riot Equipment
*Body Armor
*Bullet Proof Windows
*Protective coatings and etc.
*GSM Jamming
*Radar (MMW Radar, PSR Technology
*Gateway Wireless Mesh Technology
*Detectors (Contraband, chemicals, Biological, Weapons, and etc.)

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