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Ouyon Security Solutions

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Digital ID/Electronic Security/Perimeter Solutions/Asset Tracking
RISK and Sight Evaluation
Refineries/Nuclear Facilities / Airports
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ISO Certified

GDS Provides real-time information technology solutions and wireless systems for the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security(DHS), and industrial markets.
Our expertise is in real-time sensor capture, wireless communications, applications development, integration and data visualization. We provide applications in the areas of decision support, knowledge management and applications tailored to supporting your communications network.

For the DoD, we provide command and control systems to operational commanders.
For the DHS and various agencies, we provide real-time safety and security products and services, including sensor networking products and end- to-end solutions. For large industrial customers in the telecommunications, utilities, construction, chemical, petrochemical, gas, ports, airports, borders, medical, and more our products and services are used to intelligently and profitably manage remote assets.

We deliver our solutions through two operating groups. The Defense Solutions Group (DSG) focusing on engineering and technical services to U.S. Federal Government agencies, or foreign agencies approved by our State Department.
The Public Safety, Security and Industrial Systems Group focuses on sensors networking technologies and public safety and security solutions for both commercial and government customers.

Growth Strategy:
Focus on capturing new and growing market opportunities within the security industry.
  • Military -  C41SR/ Net-Centric Warfare / Delivering information to the "warrior"Public Safety & Security- Real - time situational awareness for first responders
  • Industrial Markets - Mission- Critical asset monitoring for decision makers
Continue to expand existing strengths organically and through strategic acquisitions, teaming partners, technology opportunities and service providers.