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Digital ID / Electronic Security / Perimeter / Asset Tracking

GDS / Ouyon About Us
GDS / Ouyon Security
GDS / Ouyon Security Group
Digital ID/Electronic Security/Perimeter Solutions/Asset Tracking
RISK and Sight Evaluation
Refineries/Nuclear Facilities / Airports
Wireless Mesh Network Solutions
Ouyon Consultant Services
International Clients
Residential Security Solutions





  • Bringing Together Several Technologies
  • Advanced Video Algorithms
  • SmartCard Technology
  • Asset Tracking System
  • Intrusion
  • Access Control
  • Tracking
  • Future - DNA Matching
  • Identity/Access Management-Integrated Technologies
  • Identity solution for the centralized management of physical & logical security that meets the requirements of the total enterprise
  • Companies have systems in place to meet the traditional security needs.  Today's flexible working practices require comprehensive intelligent identity & management solutions.



Peperimeter /External Alarm Systems

      • Volumetric Detection
      • Buried Sensors
      • Fence Sensors
      • Contacts
      • Gate Controls
      • Advanced Video Algorithms
      • Pre-emptive Detection
      • Intrusion Detection
      • Automatic Intrusion Tracking
      • Asset Tracking / Location Systems
      • GPS Technology
      • Track Worldwide
      • Track Vehicles, People, Equipment
      • Set "Virtual Borders" that assets should not cross
      • Links with ID System

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GDS / Ouyon Security

GDS /Ouyon Security  911 Security