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GDS Security Solutions

GDS / Ouyon About Us
GDS / Ouyon Security
GDS / Ouyon Security Group
Digital ID/Electronic Security/Perimeter Solutions/Asset Tracking
RISK and Sight Evaluation
Refineries/Nuclear Facilities / Airports
Wireless Mesh Network Solutions
Ouyon Consultant Services
International Clients
Residential Security Solutions


GDS is a Security Consulting Firm designed to bring State of the Art Technology to KSA and the Surrounding GCC Countries.

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GDS and Ouyon Security bring companies and technologies together which meet the growing demand for viable security solutions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia well as the surrounding GCC Countries. 
GDS and Ouyon can help in establishing teaming agreements with companies in the United States and Middle East. Saudi Arabia is the key to expanding in the Middle East and is always looking for companies of good reputation and solid business practices.
Please keep in mind it can take months or years to develop a project or a business relationship.
GDS and Ouyon solutions provide first line solutions, not off the shelf canned solutions as most companies provide, we also provide complete training, in country support.

GDS / Security Solutions