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Police Vehicle Video System

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Our mobil solutions are fully customizable for your environment and application. All mobil solutions begin with an embedded DVR device (12v) that produced MPEG2 quality video, is wireless enabled, and fully integrated with our proprietary real-time streaming and archive server.


OUR on-site solutions offer uncompromising digital video surveillance management and video archive. Whether the install base is a single camera or 256-networked DVRs, GDS backed solutions offer advanced features, stability. expandability,Rugged, Durable,Evpanable and competive pricing.

All on-site solutions work in conjuction with our mobile solutions to create a powerful and seamless complete dgital mobil surveillance and on-site management system.

Our surveillance management system (CCMS) serves as a central command post. The surveillance management system is a unique tool enabling operators to easily control all cameras, monitor the premises, and manipulate video. The system's unique dual display mode enables simultaneous viewing of both video and data. With one CCMS, operators can manually or automatically switch between multiple groups of cameras, enabling complete camera control. Real-time video from four Aegison DVRs can be simultaneously displayed on the same screen in a single display. In the meantimem, the additional DVR units' alarm and connection status continues to be viewable.

Video archiving system offers total network management and surveillance video indexing back up for security agencies.

The Archive System provides real-time streaming technology to capture, manage, organize, and store video collected by the mobil DVR systems. Video can be saved by time, event, is accessible via the web with and is password protected. Utilizing a wireless network, the system can also automatically begin downloading video from any deployed mobile DVR unit when the carrier enters a "hot spot" area.

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Additional Applications: Military Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, Buses, Aircraft